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MapRunG the Garmin app

For those of you lucky enough to have a high end Garmin watch there is a new app which makes using MapRun even better. You still use a mobile phone to download a course from the MapRun site in exactly the same way as before. However, you can then transfer this to your Garmin watch. There is then no need to carry a phone around the course. When you reach a checkpoint, your watch will vibrate to indicate that you have registered it, the vibration is easy to sense. Apart from removing the need to carry a phone, early experience indicates that the GPS is more accurate than the average phone.

When you complete your run, the track will upload to Garmin Connect in the usual way but will also be accessible to the (phone) MapRun6 app and be uploaded to the global maprunners results.

For more information see the maprunners site :

MapRunG further information

See the app on the Garmin site here, together with a list of compatible devices

MapRunG on Garmin IQ