M60 O-Ringen

The Maps and Leg Factsheets

Leg One MapLeg One Factsheet Leg One Results
Leg Two MapLeg Two Factsheet Leg Two Results
Leg Three MapLeg Three Factsheet Leg Three Results
Leg Four MapLeg Four Factsheet Leg Four Results
Leg Five MapLeg Five Factsheet Leg Five Results
Leg Six MapLeg Six Factsheet Leg Six Results
Leg Seven MapLeg Seven Factsheet Leg Seven Results
Leg Eight MapLeg Eight Factsheet Leg Eight Results
Leg Nine MapLeg Nine Factsheet Leg Nine Results
Leg Ten MapLeg Ten Factsheet Leg Ten Results
Leg Eleven MapLeg Eleven Factsheet Leg Eleven Results
Leg Twelve MapLeg Twelve Factsheet Leg Twelve Results

On your app 'Select Event'

UK/Manchester/Navvies/M60 O-Ringen/ and download the appropriate course(s) to your phone. Note that, if you download multiple legs, they can be accessed via the 'Access Local Events (Offline)' button of the 'Select Event' page. You will then not need mobile data if you want to run multiple legs. You will, however, need to access the results and manually upload them to the MapRun site later.