Macclesfield Postbox Challenge

This is a 60 min Postbox 'start anywhere' challenge. Score 20 points per checkpoint visited with a 10 point penalty per minute over the allowed time. The map has a start/finish marked as a triangle and double circle and is located at a postbox. The start point will not count towards your score. However, you can use any checkpoint as your start. If you do this, that point will then become your finish and it will not count towards your score. However, the marked start/finsh will then become a scoring checkpoint.

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Macclesfield Postbox Map.

A satified customer after his run

Training Courses

There are two new courses in Macclesfield which are just intended for local training whilst in Lockdown. Both courses start and finish at the Bandstand in Victoria Park (just off Fence Avenue). The shorter course is a yellow standard course around Victoria Park with 3 controls in a quiet Residential Area to the South West. This Course is about 1.5km (Direct Line). The longer course (about 5km direct line) is designed as a route choice training exercise, as each leg has two (or more) viable routes. The controls are on quieter residential roads, and appropriate care must be taken when crossing the two major roads on the map. Since these two courses are only intended for local training whilst in Lockdown, any local participants will either be running to Victoria Park or should know where to park safely.

Victoria Park Yellow Map.
East of Silk Road Map.

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and load the appropriate course to your phone.