Manchester Navvies

Navigational Challenges

Challenge Types

Linear and Score Challenges

Linear Challenges

The aim of a Linear challenge is to visit all the checkpoints on a course in the correct order having begun at the designated Start. The Finish is usually close to the Start. If done as a competition the winner is the one who take the least time to complete the course.

Score Challenges

The aim of a Score challenge is to gain points by visiting as many as checkpoints as possible. Any checkpoint on the course can be used as the Start/Finish and the remainder can be visited in any order. However points are deducted for exceeding the time limit. If done as a competition the winner is the one who scores the most points.



These are Linear or Score challenges within an urban environment. The maps look simple: not much more than a black line for a road and a dotted line for a path. However, as with all our maps, they have been georeferenced, which means that they work with your phones GPS giving you the option to display your location throughout the challenge.

The checkpoints will be be street furniture such as post boxes, lamp posts, telegraph poles and green communications boxes. They are listed in checkpoint descriptions and available as a free pdf download.


These are Street Score challenges in which all the checkpoints are Post Boxes.


Take place in Public Parks. The maps are more complex than Street maps mainly because they have to depict different types of vegetation: the darker the green the harder it will be to travel over or through it. Runnable woodland is coloured white. The checkpoints will include vegetation features such as thickets and water features such as ponds, also paths and tracks.